We provide our customers of precise and transparent information, through optimal and suitable communications, always fulfilling our promises. Listening to our customers requirements is the key factor to achieve this. It allows us to understand their priorities and therefore adapting our services and intel reports to their needs. This understanding makes easier to provide our regular customers with the tools required to assess all the possible scenarios involving Panama Canal transits and owners matters operations. In some cases even if it involves an in-house training.


What would be the best choice for your vessel? To place a booking for a transit or to be subject to the waiting times?

Just let us know your vessels schedule and we will assess the scenario for you! Our operations team does a daily follow up of the traffic situation at the Panama Canal allowing us to forecast the waiting times of the next 10 days for our customers. 

Rest assured you will receive enough data and advice from our side to make the most time- and cost-saving decision. 

To know such info well beforehand could even help your commercial team to get more business!

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